Sunday, May 22, 2016

YA Chronicles

Yep you guessed it! I decided to check out the YA Chronicles. 

This is a subscription box that comes each month with a different theme, containing a new release book, a book mark and some bookish treats. 

The May theme was "Summer Daze". It was delivered while I was at work and I managed to wait until Taneika got home from work AND ate her dinner before we did the unboxing together!  - I am seriously getting good at this skill called 'patience' 

So what was in the box?? Well the blurb reads

"...summer daze, driftin' away. Australia is well and truly on its way to Winter, so let's ignore the cold and enjoy this cozy, Summer read. The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson is a story about how it is when your perfectly laid plans go awry, that you get exactly what you need. Andie has every second of her summer pinned out, but when scandal rocks her father's career, her plans are turned on their head..."

The Book - The Unexpected Everything! What was so 'unexpected' about this, was that just recently at the YA Preview night I preordered this book and only picked it up a week prior!! haha Funny thing is, when I was thinking of jumping in and checking out the YA Chronicles, when I thought of the theme Summer Daze - I thought of this book - wondered if it would be the book in the box but then ordered anyway!! Lol - Guess what?? Yep Tinny scored the book!! which coincidently she nearly bought the day I got my parcel!!! 

The Loot 

- A sweet smelling Fairy Bread Candle (from Nook and Burrow

- A cute little Sun Magnetic Bookmark (from TheWoodsAvenue on Etsy)

- A Super relaxing Bath Bomb in Grapefruit (from ALLBODY SOAPS on Etsy) 

So the Instructions are to Light the Candle, fill the tub (I don't have one so will use in a foot soak) throw in the bath bomb and crack open The Unexpected Everything. Viola, instant summer relaxation.

Isn't it gorgeous!!! Anyway the them for June is Pride. So we are thinking this will be a LGBT novel for Pride month, and think we may have a good idea on what book it may be..lets see if our guess is correct.

Till Next Time...


  1. This was so fun to unbox with you! I can't wait until we get the June box next month! (Also going to stalk Nook and Burrow for more yummy smelling candles) xx

    1. Yay! I have already stalked TheWoodsAvenue :-)


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