Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hello Life

Stampin Up have this awesome Kit, the Hello Life Simply Created Kit, which basically is a Vision Board Kit. They also bought out a tutorial to make 20 Cards using the supplies. These are Notecard size, and I prefer my cards to be standard so I stepped them all up a bit with some matting and here is the result of my 20 cards. I now have all the left over bits to use on other cards and also to use on my own Vision Board.

The Original Tutorial Cards

Slideshow of My Cards

And there you go, you lucky reader!! My first photo slideshow!! I am learning :-) 

My next Card Kit to attack will be my stepped up version of the Watercolour Wishes Kit. 

Till Next Time...
Thursday, March 24, 2016

Stay Tuned.....

Hi there.

Long time no speak!!

I know. I am trying to organise my life, and have decided to take my blog in a different direction, sharing my cards, my books that I am reading, and what is happening in Cassidy Land.  I will get my niece Taneika to help me with all my Social Media buttons etc and see how I go. I am reading a lot lately and plan to do 'Book Hauls" with what I have managed to pick up during the month, will share the cards I make and my Project Life pages.

Also, Asheley and I are hitting the Volunteering scene with a vengeance and will share our adventures there.

Make sure you leave a comment to say "Hi" so I know someone out there is reading ... :-)

Till Next Time...