Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas MST8

Hey there!!

I know it's been a long time between posts ... a very long time between cards my friend would say!!

My reason is, not much mojo, time, energy - everything!! I have had a bad year with my right arm and leg buzzing and carrying on like nobody's business.  But I do like to get my craft on, so am trying to get enthusiastic about it all again, with some new Project Life stuff to start some simple scrapbooking, and some nice new stamps and goodies to get card making again.

I love to give little gifts to my workmates at various times of the year, and Christmas is a MUST! So this year I have gone very simple. Using the fantastic Tiny Treat Boxes from Stampin Up! Added a little saying and tied with nice polka dot red ribbon. Filled with yummies, like a Chocolate Heart, Santa, Mini Tic Tacs, Minties and Fantales. 

Then for the lovely ladies at Chemart Pharmacy Maddington and the friendly staff at Gloria Jeans Murray Street, I made  up a quick box of Favourites, to say Thank You for just being there with a smile, a hug and the small gesture of putting the lid on my coffee for me!! Those little things make my life so much easier.

Merry Christmas

Till Next Time...