Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Brooke and Dom

Me again....

At work I am the Birthday Card Fairy!! Well I try to be, got a bit hard last year but this year I WILL be organised :-)

I made Dom's card a while ago, and have just finished off another set of four from the same page of images (that I must have bought a zillion years ago!!! I have had them for ages!). They are rather cute little Monsters!!! Slowly but surely I am working through some old purchases and playing with new stuff also. 

 Happy Birthday Dom!

Brooke is a new member to our Team at work, but thought that this cute little Forever Friends bear would suit her to a T!!! Hope she likes her card.

Happy Birthday Brooke!

So there we have the first couple of MST8 Birthday cards for 2014 ... stay tuned

Till Next Time...


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