Saturday, January 11, 2014

Asheley and Scotts Invites

Hi there! As usual a long time between posts ... but that's me!! Happy New Year by the way!!

Anyway, over the last few months Asheley and I have been working on her wedding invites. They have turned out quite different to what she originally came to me with, but we had to make a few changes along the way. So there has been a little journey, lots of discussions, compromises and a few tears but we got there in the end.  I think what we have ended up with is a beautiful, natural invite which will beautifully work in with her bushland setting reception. 

Here are some pictures of our journey :-)

On our Wedding Anniversary, Anthony and I went and did a pile of caches along the South West Highway. At one cache site I found some lovely Gum leaves that I thought would be perfect for the invites, so grabbed a branch!!  Then text this photo to Asheley :-)

After lots of cutting, scoring, folding, measuring twine and eyelet setting. It was time to add the twine. So there I sat in front of the tv threading twine through tiny eyelets!

When I had finished I was admiring my handiwork and thought it looked like a pony tail, so sent a pic through to Asheley.

Then remembered that the twine was on both sides - PIGTAILS

I think this picture speaks for itself!! Gotta love him :-)

Now we were ready to add leaves, but the leaves on the tree in Asheley's front yard were different to the ones I brought back from our caching trip.  We needed the same leaves that I had ... that means
 .... ROAD TRIP!! ...
I looked up the cache that we were at originally, got the coordinates and off we went, headed about 15kms south of Byford. Oh boy did we have fun collecting leaves. Both of us on the way down there remembered that we didn't take scissors.  Hmmm, when we got there and Ash was on the phone I had an idea - off I went and raided the first aid kit in the car and came back with a tiny pair of scissors about 5cm long that would barely cut paper let alone a rubbery branch off a tree!! When I showed Asheley she nearly had kittens on the side of the road!!! 
Oh boy - I hadn't laughed so hard in ages!!! 

This session was spent with me tying the twine around the invites and Asheley matching up two leaves ready to hot glue on the front.

 Look at all them leaves!!


The final product .... Pretty :-)

and gorgeous with its recycled paper envelope.

 Finally done and ready to post.

A rather long journey, but a stunning result.  Now just the wedding to go - it's going to be amazing - Just look at the beautiful bride!! :-)

Till Next Time...


  1. Awesome Caroline. You have always put such beauty and love into all you do. Only thing that has happened over the years is they have got more and more Gorgeous just like you <3 <3 Leesa


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