Friday, May 24, 2013

Missing Mum with all my Heart

In Loving Memory
Olwen Rosemary Werdschinki
1946 - 1998

Can you believe today is 15 years since Mum passed away?  She is in my thoughts every day. This photo was taken on mine and Anthony's wedding day in September 1995 and really captures Mum's hearty laugh!! 

Not a day goes past that I don't wish that I can pick up the phone and talk to her about my life, my family, the challenges we face with our three lovelies. The struggles I have been facing with MS, I feel so lost. I wish I could talk about the ups and the downs...and all the challenges we have had to face. I miss you Mum. I fell apart last year in a big way but this year I will be stronger (I'll have my steady leg with me ☺☺☺ all purple and silver!!)

"I love you Mum, Like I said - I think of you everyday and wish that you were still here to share our highs and lows!!  I can now make porridge and rice pudding - but Oatcakes are still eluding me! They are either too dry or too sticky and fall apart - a bit of divine intervention next time I try would be appreciated ☺☺☺

I am also going to re-share the poem Mum wrote for me when I was away in Perth at School. I was terribly homesick and a couple of days after a rather long, sobbing phone call home, a Survival Pack and this poem arrived. It is framed and hung on the wall next to a lovely picture of Mum. So here goes...

A Daughter

One day a little girl was born
Her Mum was Oh, so proud,
Two sons and a daughter
I was floating on a cloud.

My little girl with golden locks
was a cute and pretty child,
Most of the time angelic,
but boy, could she get wild!

Off to her room she would be sent
until she calmed her mood,
and then out she would come again
and be as little girls should.

The big day came, off to school
her baby days were gone,
All dressed in her uniform
how her dear face shone!

We had some fun, those early years
lots of fun and laughter.
Something would tickle my little girl
and she would giggle for hours after!

Now she's quite a young lady
a teenager full of life.
I love my beautiful daughter
even with the occasional strife!

So full of fun and hunour
she lightens everyone's heart,
The house is so quiet when she's away
each term we have to part.

She goes to school in the city
and stays with friends you see,
But although she is so far away
she means all the world to me.

She invented her own tradition
a thing she must always take,
When she goes back to school
her favourite chocolate cake!

This daughter I've been telling you of
has a special love of mine,
Of course you know her Oh, so well
it's my charming Caroline.

So hold your chin up sweetie
be happy, smile and shine,
I know I will be proud of you
Because, my lovely, you're mine.

Well there it is. Shared with the world. My special poem that my Mum wrote me when I missed her so much, but she was so far away. I cherish these words and read them often. So Mum you are in my thoughts always, today, tomorrow, next week, next year - always.

Same for Anthony, Zoe, Jayden and Owen - they all love you and miss you heaps too. Tonight I will raise a glass of Baileys in your honour
"Cheers Mum, for everything you did for us as children, for all the love and lessons you have taught and for all the dear memories we hold in our hearts, we love you and miss you. Forever"

With Love, your 'Charming' Caroline

Till Next Time...


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