Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy 18th Caitlin

Hi All!

Well here I am trying to get back in to blogging and crafting for that matter!! A long while ago my friend Tracey (and former crafting buddy before we all went back to work) asked if I'd make one of my 'books' that I had been making for her daughters 18th.  I cut out the pages for her and punched them ready for binding so she could hand them out to friends to sign - a fabulous idea, as they haven't just signed the pages but written notes, stories etc. Tracey has also put photos in it too!! It's pretty amazing :-)

Anyway, so I get a text last week asking about the cover!! Crap I didn't forget, time just crept up too fast. We already knew the colours etc, I just needed to confirm the Tatty Teddy that I was putting on the front, so Tracey came over for a cuppa and we picked out the picture and had a play with a few layout ideas, then I had to get stuck in to it. It really doesn't take that long to make. 

Tonight Tracey came over with her pages, so we could bind the book and get it ready, I had also made a box up for it ... getting good at boxes now.  She also need an envelope as one person typed our their message and printed it up, so I got out my fancy new Envelope Punch Board from SU and whipped up and envelope out of DSP to stick in the book. AWESOME :-)

Sp here is Caitlin's 18th Book and box. Tracey did all the tying of ribbons as that is more her thing than mine. I am thinking it turned out rather spiffy

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy Halloween MST8

Hi All,

I know I have been absent for a VERY long time. I just haven't had the energy to do any crafting.  MS is driving me crazy with numb leg and arm and constant buzzing. The fatigue is really getting me down as I am sleeping so much :-( BUT....this shall change!!!!  We are embarking on a whole new way of eating...which hopefully will make us all a lot healthier and with a bit of luck I may lose some weight.

Last year for my team, I made little Halloween treats which I popped on everyone's desks as a surprise. I had ordered a cute new stamp kit from Stampin Up! and even though we don't celebrate Halloween at home, I thought it would be nice to do treats at work - any excuse for stamping right?? I am not sure I blogged them as cannot see them, so will show them in this post was so much fun to see the smiles on my colleagues faces and then watching them swapping 'Favourites' chocolates like kids at recess!! haha. So here are my 2012 Halloween treats.

All the tags

The Witch and Frankie


All in a box ready to go to work...

Then this year I left it really late, as I've not been well and very tired, but, I felt as I did it last year I've 'started' something.  So did a bit of googling and found some treats made with the Candy Wrapper Die. Once you figure out how to actually get the 'twist' it is really easy!!  And these are what I came up with for MST8 this year.  I start early so was there before everyone and popped one each on their keyboards. Each contained a wrapped (in matching DSP) 3 Hershey's Minatures Chocolates.

So that is my Halloween Treats for work!!! In the middle there were some Christmas Sour Cream Containers with Favourites in them too!!! Best way to lose weigh - Fatten up the people around you!!  

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Brodie

Oh Dear I am late with this one...have not been well with fatigue and having MS flare up - not good but on the mend.....anyway poor Brodie loves his handmade cards and I am late!!!

I have had these chipboard robots from Kaiser for a couple years I think and thought it was finally time to pull them out and have a play. Sadly I have just managed the one card, am blogging it now and then am going to lie down!! So tired :-(

Isn't he a cutie??? lol.  These actually had about three layers to them, so I have pulled them all apart and just stuck them back together with no dimensional tape, so they are a bit flatter. There a four others, so hopefully through the week I can get them put together on cards too! I have already pulled them apart and stuck them back together so its just a case of finding the right sketch and away we go... 

Materials Used
Stampin Up - Cardstock and Inks - Chocolate Chip. Accessories - Chocolate Chip DP, Cotton Ribbon, Punch (retired) Stamps Set - Wishes your Way
Non Stampin Up - Kaiser Chipboard Robots, Technologic DP, Kaiser Pearls

Till Next Time...
Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Legend of Pannawonica Hill

Howdy peeps... not a crafty post but a nostalgic one instead.

Seeing as I am stuck at home at present with a leg and arm that won't work very well I thought I'd watch Red Dog, which we bought a while ago and haven't gotten around to watching .. Oh my what a lovely movie *sob* ~~ anyways, twice in the movie there's a snippet of Pannawonica Hill, which took me down memory lane of living up in Panna.  

This then brought to mind a poem that was in the Robe River Roundup in the early 80's.  I have a copy, but do you think I could find it?? Nope. Searched online - Mr Google was no help today. So I decided to plonk myself on the floor and go through all my photo boxes (and let me tell you 'plonking' is not easy at the moment!! - and I will not mention getting back up again!! OUCH) I got all excited - I found it! bugger it was only half and the bottom half at that...further searching I am pleased to tell found the other half. Happy Moment!! This is going in my 365 Journal so I can look back and smile at a later date (and hopefully I won't lose my 365 Journal) .... so here it is first up a photo and then the poem

The Legend of Pannawonica Hill

They call it Pannawonica, the name means 'shifting rock'
It's not a place where many dwell, or where the tourists flock.
It is in fact a mining town, with wealth and beauty ~ rare ~
It is also rich in folklore, come!, let me take you there.

Like peppermint cakes, all chocolate iced, the mesas stretch for miles
Distinctive, flat-topped mountains, almost uniform in size.
Their slopes are green with spinifex, their tops are richly brown
Without exception, each one wears a precious iron-ore crown.

'The Hill' stands off from all the rest, for this is Shifting Rock
Around which grew the legend ~ perchance it's secrets to unlock!
The river flows beneath it on it's journey to the sea,
Reflecting ghostly silhouettes from each gently swaying tree.

The gums stand silent witness to the secrets of the past
The traditions and the legends of the black man and his caste.
'The Hill' rises in magnificence, casting shadows ~ eerie, long
For this where, the legend tells, Sea Spirits still belong.

The Aborigine told its story with reverence and with awe
How the Inland Little People stole the mountain from the shore,
And how it was reclaimed again by the Spirits of the Sea,
To be pushed back to its present site where it was meant to be.

Seventy million years ago the sea enveloped all this land
Until the time that it was stirred by a strange, mysterious hand,
This massive water movement caused it slowly to recede
And the Spirit's scared mountain was at once exposed and freed.

The Little People of the Inland, when they saw the mountain rise
Stared at it in wonderment and claimed it as their prize,
They shifted it by pushing, by degrees it slowly moved
And as they inched their way along the earth was roughly grooved.

The Spirits rose in anger, to follow in their tracks
"We come" they cried in unison, "to take our mountain back"
Once more 'The Rock' was shifted, as the Inland People fled ~
This time on its journey, it forged the river bed.

The many pebbles in it's path were sanded smooth and round
And where the River Robe runs free, those pebbles, still are found!
The river banks are lined with gums, but one tree stands alone ~
The ancient ghost gum, rooted deep, in it's bed of soil and stone.

It stands, a silent sentinel, it's leafy arms out spread
Framed 'twixt brilliant blue of sky and earth's deep rusty red
It whispers to the Spirits when all is quiet and still
And shadows cast their twisted shapes, beneath the Sacred Hill.

While from the trees the cockatoos, in flocks of yellow crested white
Sometimes will rise above 'The Hill' to encircle it in flight.
Suddenly, their raucous screech is vent upon the air ~
To mingle, with the black crows' cry of harshness and despair.

It's as if they are protesting against encroachment on this place,
Warning all that it belongs to the black man and his race,
For the Spirits gave it to them, in those days of long ago
To keep in trust it's secrets ~ the legend tells it so.

For many years, these people made their camp beside 'The Hill'
And though the tribes have scattered now, its sacred to them, still
For they believe that once again it is shifting by degrees ~
A tug-o-war existing still, between the Inland and the Seas.

There's a mystery and a magic which somehow lingers there
But, within the beauty and enchantment there's a warning ~ to beware!
It is whispered, in the tree-tops, that The Rock may cast a spell
On those who would intrude upon this place ~ this place where Spirits dwell.

Milita Houlahan

I have always loved this poem, which I suppose is why I have kept a copy for 30 years!! lol. Now I will never lose it again, as it is going in my journal with a photo of 'the Hill'

I hope you enjoyed it ~ and if you haven't send Red Dog, do so soon!! It's a beautiful movie :-)

Till Next Time...

An 18 Month Diary for Angela

Hi there!!!

Yes its been a while, we are painting our house so this leaves little time for creating!! But I am doing the odd bit here and there.

Recently a work colleague was asking about a diary for an 18 month period, so she can plan her wedding but wanting the dates to go past the wedding also for all those things to do once married...... I thought there must be somewhere we can find diary pages and then I could bind it with my Bind It All.

After a bit of a search I finally found a great site where you can print diary pages.  So took a sample in and have now completed a June 2013 - December 2014 Diary all bound and pretty. I also put in some address pages in the back and some 'To Do List' pages.

Here are some pics

The Cover

A sample of the pages. It's a week to a view and on the top left of each view is a 'Notes' section - pretty cool :-) I think I might print my own pages for my little diary next year.

It's thick!!

...and could resist this to put in as the front page - lol.  
I changed the picture from the crown to the swirly one - more elegant.

I first bound it having the covers A5 size the same as the inner pages, but when I bound it the pages stuck out past the cover!! - Crap!! - So I made new covers and extra 5mm in width and they fit nicely, so I will use the other covers to make a note book as a gift for someone down the track and just make my pages 5mm smaller in width!! :-)

So what do you think?? I hope Angela likes it. I made the back cover extra thick re using some backing card from a Specialty DP and the front cover is thinner. Front and back both have an acetate overlay to keep it clean.

Materials Used
Stampin Up - Cardstock & Inks - Primrose Petals. Accessories - Amore Specialty DP.
Non Stampin Up - Crochet Ribbon from Papermania. Bind It All. Diary Pages from Web.

Till Next Time...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Missing Mum with all my Heart

In Loving Memory
Olwen Rosemary Werdschinki
1946 - 1998

Can you believe today is 15 years since Mum passed away?  She is in my thoughts every day. This photo was taken on mine and Anthony's wedding day in September 1995 and really captures Mum's hearty laugh!! 

Not a day goes past that I don't wish that I can pick up the phone and talk to her about my life, my family, the challenges we face with our three lovelies. The struggles I have been facing with MS, I feel so lost. I wish I could talk about the ups and the downs...and all the challenges we have had to face. I miss you Mum. I fell apart last year in a big way but this year I will be stronger (I'll have my steady leg with me ☺☺☺ all purple and silver!!)

"I love you Mum, Like I said - I think of you everyday and wish that you were still here to share our highs and lows!!  I can now make porridge and rice pudding - but Oatcakes are still eluding me! They are either too dry or too sticky and fall apart - a bit of divine intervention next time I try would be appreciated ☺☺☺

I am also going to re-share the poem Mum wrote for me when I was away in Perth at School. I was terribly homesick and a couple of days after a rather long, sobbing phone call home, a Survival Pack and this poem arrived. It is framed and hung on the wall next to a lovely picture of Mum. So here goes...

A Daughter

One day a little girl was born
Her Mum was Oh, so proud,
Two sons and a daughter
I was floating on a cloud.

My little girl with golden locks
was a cute and pretty child,
Most of the time angelic,
but boy, could she get wild!

Off to her room she would be sent
until she calmed her mood,
and then out she would come again
and be as little girls should.

The big day came, off to school
her baby days were gone,
All dressed in her uniform
how her dear face shone!

We had some fun, those early years
lots of fun and laughter.
Something would tickle my little girl
and she would giggle for hours after!

Now she's quite a young lady
a teenager full of life.
I love my beautiful daughter
even with the occasional strife!

So full of fun and hunour
she lightens everyone's heart,
The house is so quiet when she's away
each term we have to part.

She goes to school in the city
and stays with friends you see,
But although she is so far away
she means all the world to me.

She invented her own tradition
a thing she must always take,
When she goes back to school
her favourite chocolate cake!

This daughter I've been telling you of
has a special love of mine,
Of course you know her Oh, so well
it's my charming Caroline.

So hold your chin up sweetie
be happy, smile and shine,
I know I will be proud of you
Because, my lovely, you're mine.

Well there it is. Shared with the world. My special poem that my Mum wrote me when I missed her so much, but she was so far away. I cherish these words and read them often. So Mum you are in my thoughts always, today, tomorrow, next week, next year - always.

Same for Anthony, Zoe, Jayden and Owen - they all love you and miss you heaps too. Tonight I will raise a glass of Baileys in your honour
"Cheers Mum, for everything you did for us as children, for all the love and lessons you have taught and for all the dear memories we hold in our hearts, we love you and miss you. Forever"

With Love, your 'Charming' Caroline

Till Next Time...

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy 21st Ashlea

Me again!! On a roll don't ya think?? lol

Anyways, after one of my PR & Marketing Managers (Jo and Dorah) received her Guest Book for her Engagement party - I got an email from another work colleague to see if I could possibly make one for her daughter Ashlea's 21st!! (Who also works with us!) Can I?? Of course I can :-) Apparently Ashlea also loves owls and her face was a picture when she saw Jo's....She likes Green - so off I trotted the other weekend in search of a nice Owl and took the greens I had in so Ashlea could choose.  This is the final product....

The Book

The Box

When I went off looking for green beads I came across these!! They are so gorgeous!! and match the green beautifully - even with a swirl of brown in them - I loved them, teamed up with some pearls and spacers I think it turned out OK :-)  Don't you just love the eyelashes on the Owl - so cute!!

I wish you a very Happy 21st Ashlea - hope you have a lovely party and get lots of beautiful wishes from your friends and family to cherish forever in your special book :-)

Materials Used
Stampin Up - Cardstock and Inks - Early Espresso, Gumball Green. Accessories - Gumball Green DP Stack, Early Espresso ribbon & Gumball Green stitched ribbon. Owl Builder Punch.
Non Stampin Up - Accessories - Beads, Cream shimmer paper, Pearls. Cricut Cartridge Alphalicious (for the twenty one) and my trusty Bind It All.

Till Next Time...
Friday, May 10, 2013

Just {heart} Forever Friends

Well again, while I am stuck here not feeling the best - another blog post WooHoo!!!

I made these cards a couple weeks ago when I was in the Zone!  and most of them are going out in the mail today, so my stash is still extremely low!!! I just love these Forever Friends bears - they are so cute :-) These are from theForever Friends Kraft Notes from the Docrafts Creativity Magazine.  Mixed with some Stampin Up cardstock and accessories - just divine!

Using SU Cardstock, Crochet Trim, Build a Brad and Punches

A cute little SU Flower Brad and Rhinestone Brad.

I love this one - Using some lace from the Artisan Embellishment Kit. I have also used these teeny tiny pink buttons in the middle of some flowers - have had them for years!!

So Cute - More Crochet Trim and some good old distressing!!

Materials Used
Stampin Up - Cardstock and Inks - Soft Suede, Island Indigo, Pink Pirouette. Stamps - Itty Bitty Backgrounds. Accessories - Crochet Trim, Lace, Flower Brad and Rhinestone.
Non Stampin Up - Forever Friends Kraft Notes Images and Patterned Paper, Buttons and flowers from stash.

Till Next Time...

Jo and Adam - The Card

Hi All,

I've been a bit crook and out of action at late - combination of stress, migraines, MS and the Flu I think!! Anyway I may as well make use of my time and while I am awake, get some of these blog posts, Geocaching Book pages and other sit down, mundane easy to avoid jobs!!!

Just a quick post to show the card I made for Jo and Adam.  It follows the same colours and style of the Guest Book.

Adding in a gorgeous Heart Doily and some ore cute little flowers I took it in to work to get everyone in our Team to sign.

I have had a lot of fun with these guest books....stay tuned another has been made and then another on the way!!!

Materials Used
Stampin Up - Cardstock and Inks - Melon Mambo, Elegant Eggplant, Early Espresso. Pale Plum Ink on the heart, Old Olive.  Accessories - Owl Builder Punch, Melon Mambo & Elegant Eggplant DP Stacks. Heart Doily from Artisan Embellishment Kit.
Non-Stampin Up - Pearls, Heart Brad, Googly Eyes.

Till Next Time...
Friday, April 26, 2013

Jo & Adam .... Engaged ~ Congratulations

Hi there, Now that the lovely Jo has her Engagement Guest Book I can post this :-)

As you can see from my last few posts, I've been making a few 'Guest Books'. 

It all started with Danica's Wedding, then one for a colleagues mothers' 70th, then a 16th Birthday and finally this little gem ..... Jo asked if I would make one for her Engagement Party ~ but I already had plans to make one and was just waiting for the right inspiration ...

... then BAM!! It hit me at work and I could picture the book in my mind, so I drew a picture - ummmm lets just say I can work wonders with cardstock, ribbon and embellishments but I am no artist!!!! 

Exhibit A

I think I need to work on drawing my spiral binding!!! What do you think?? lol

Jo has this (kind of) obsession with Owls, so they had to be a feature on the book, and a book needs a box :-) I had a lot of fun with this one (well all of them really and I am getting better with each one I make), the colours I took from Jo's invites with the Pink and Purple, and just a spot of green. I have my own little obsession happening with beads at the moment and purchased many packs from Spotlight - just in case I need a particular colour!! You just never know ;-).  

So here they are ~ The book and The Box finished off with a gorgeous pen from Kikki K to do the hard work ... writing all the wishes.  

A big Congratulations to Jo & Adam, we wish you both a wonderful engagement, a smooth ride planning your Wedding and a long and happy life together.   Caroline & Anthony xxx

The Box

The Guest Book - 30 pages for people to write down their well wishes 
for Jo and Adam

Till Next Time...
Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some Forever Friends Fun

Hi there

I have been trying to be creative of late, and am also trying to get myself in the habit of cleaning up afterwards .... and I must say I am having some success.  I am trying to have my desk clear so that I can sit after work and put something together - instead of having to sort through a mountain of what was left after my last session!! If I am working with a particular colour scheme I am trying to make sure I pack that away before getting out new colours...... again I am getting there :-) and am proud to say that my desk is currently tidy!! Shock Horror!! 

The other weekend I grabbed out my new DoCraft goodies and had a play with the Forever Friends Kraft Notes. I still have a pretty good stash of Bazill Cardstock left, These few cards have used up a few sheets of that :-)

I seem to have gone a little crazy with the flowers n these bottom two! I have had these in a jar for many years, so it's always a good feeling to finally use them :-)

Till Next Time...
Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jordan's 16th Guest Book

Hiya All!!!

Yeah I've been absent, I haven't been creating much as I've been on a de-cluttering binge, and there always seems to be just one more thing to do!! and before I know it the day has gone :-( and because I am such a Nana - I am in bed early!! lol

Anyways......ever since I made the Guest Book for Danica's Wedding, people seem to like the idea - and so I been asked to make some others like the one for Steph's Mum's 70th, and a request for another.....shhhh it's a secret! and this one for Jo V's granddaughter.

They are easy to make, just takes time to play and get the binding straight!! (and the box measurements correct!) lol, because I like to make a box to keep it in.  The brief for Jordan's was Purple, Black and Silver, no Name on the front and no photo ..... but the beads (on the inspiration pic) are nice - righto .... so off I headed to Spotlight to get me some beads .... Oh my - I think I went over budget as there were so many gorgeous beads and spacers and pendants .... yes I went a little crazy ~ BUT I will use the left overs on other projects ~ yes of course I will!! haha - so anyway here is Jordan's Guest Book ....

Isn't that little Bee hanging at the bottom just divine?? So cute 

and a few beads to match on the front of the box.

Materials Used
Stampin Up - Cardstock and Ink - Elegant Eggplant, Basic Black. Designer Paper Regals Stack.
Non Stampin Up - Silver Stardream Paper, Kaiser Rhinestone Boarders, Cricit Alphalicios Font, Ribbon from Stash, Bind It All, Bow Easy, and a variety of the beads from Spotlight

Till Next Time...
Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Jo V

Me again, 

This month in our team at work it is Jo's Birthday, so me being the self appointed Birthday Fairy - I make the card for everyone to sign,  The brief for Jo is Cats and Blue. So this is what I came up with, this is a stamp that was sent to me by Petra of CraftFactory a couple years ago.  Pulled out some very old Designer Paper and added some of the gorgeous new Flower Trim that is in our new Seasonal Catalogue. 

Materials Used

Stampin Up - Cardstock and Ink - Bordering Blue (retired), Mellow Moss (Retired), Very Vanilla, DP - Sarah (retired)
Accessories - Pearls. Spots EF.

Still got to work on the photography.... one day :-)

Till Next Time...
Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Cards

Hi y'all!! lol The book I am reading is set in the Southern states of America and the civil war etc etc..... hee hee - getting in with the lingo!!  Anyway...back to Aus!

I have been having lots of fun playing at my desk of late, and spent all of Sunday just making Valentines Cards ~ using the ever so gorgeous Tatty Teddy ~ he is so cute!!

So these are what I have come up with, Trying to match the reds has been a task, but I think I got there in the end.

I have had a lot of fun making them, and have heaps of bots and ieces left, so will keep on creating till it's gone... Sold a few at work today so I hope the recipients love them :-)

Materials Used

Stampin Up - Cardstock - Basic Gray, Riding Hood Red, Pink Pirouette, Whisper White
Other - Various ribbon and accessories.

Till Next Time...