Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Road to Jo's Card......

Hi there all, I know it's been a bit long between posts, and I know I said I'd start blogging again yada yada... the honest truth is I haven't really created much lately - which is very sad!! I have this huge collection of absolutely beautiful craft supplies and not a shred of mojo to do anything with it! BUT... that is changing :-) Yes I am pleased to let you all know that I having been making myself sit down and create...and it does help if you want to make a special card for someone..... hence the title of this post.

In case you weren't aware I started a new job in May with HBF! I am loving every minute of it!! Fantastic people to work with, awesome working environment!! I love it and have made some wonderful new friends...and just recently we found out that our lovely - temporary Team Leader - will be our Team Leader for the next 12 months!! How awesome is that???? So unbeknownst to Jo, I said I'd make a card that we can all sign for her.  Now Jo likes Owls ... and I know I have an owl stamp and punch, but it just wasn't in the 'big picture' that I had in my head I wanted to use one of my (many) Tatty Teddy toppers that I collected a few months back  ... Hmmm maybe 12 (eek!) anyway, so I started ..... and so did the mess !!

So anyway, this little cutie with the pink flower, just begged to go on a pink card and I am really stuck on these stepper cards!! I love them :-) and then when I finished and sat there looking at it, it was just too pink.. more suited to a baby girl seeing it Says 'Congratulations on your news' - plus the inside was a bit small for all of us to sign - so it was back to the drawing board .....

..... next up a bigger image so a slightly bigger card, and I just happened to have these Rubons that I picked up just recently (like 2 - 3 years ago) that matched perfectly, Yay... No!! Still too pink!! BUT I did make sure I pointed it out to my Dear Hubby that I am using stuff that has been there a while ... but if I didn't buy them to use today - what would I have done??? I would have been stuck!! (hee hee) anyway - Nope still too pink!!! Righto it has to be purple! Jo likes purple..... So what can I do? I don't have a Tatty Teddy with purple, as a matter of fact I can't find anything with any purple in it!!! Umm panic.....!!! So off I trot to make up some Chicken & Cheese Sausage Rolls and some Mummy Fried Chicken to freeze for some meals....but the old brain is ticking over ....

.... half way through the Mummy Fried with icky sticky flour coated fingers....Aha!!! I have it!! That cute little bear with the yellow flower will look just gorgeous against a deep purple, Yes...but first off finish this messy cooking and then I can go back to my sanctuary :-) Isn't he just gorgeous?? And yes another stepper card, but they are so cute.  I have also used some embossing folders that just fit the side panels - so cute :-), again I have dug down deep in my stash and found some cute little yellow flowers that just fit perfectly.  I am very pleased with this one, well I love the others too, but these colours are gorgeous together.

Then one last card while I was playing with the same images, but this one doesn't stand out as much as the stepper cards, I think I may be doing a lot of the steppers in the future :-)

So there you have it, my thought process for making a card for someone special :-) I nearly always make a few before I get the right mix!!! and this is what is left after a crafting session..... Cyclone Caroline has passed through again ..... Whoops ;-)

Till Next Time...


  1. Very entertaining reading thanks Caroline! Glad to see you're back into it too ☺



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