Wednesday, November 7, 2012


8 Years ago today was one of the saddest days of my life (with the exception of losing my Mum),  we lost Grandpa, he went in to hospital for some surgery to help prevent a stroke and he had a stroke.  My heart aches for Nan, Zoe, Carl & Family.  

Grandpa was the best!! He knew EVERYTHING!! - Who knew the best way to get Zoe's chalk artwork off the wall was to lightly toast some bread, so it's hard but not brown, then use that to wipe over the chalk - this collects all the dust and then you use spray and wipe to get the rest off!!!! 

He told us so many stories from his Navy days, he and Nan looked after Zoe a lot when she was little and she was the apple of his eye!!!! There were no two closer than Zoe and Grandpa! 

This photo was the last one we ever took, on his birthday on October 7th 2004. I was in an online Group, and this scrapbook layout was one of our challenges, I knew straight away which photo to use. It is an 8" x 8" page and I had it framed and sent it over to Nan.  Every year on his birthday we would get a Woollies Mudcake, decorate it with smarties and cover it with candles (hope it wouldn't burn!!!) and sing him Happy Birthday, I really do miss those traditions. 

Here are a couple of pics of Grandpa and 'the apple of his eye' Zoe. 
Love you grandpa, miss you everyday 

Zoe's Christening

Zoe's First Birthday

Zoe's favourite pastime with Grandpa

Nan Grandpa and Zoe

Zoe's Year 10 Graduation

Nan and Grandpa's Wedding 1943

The Wonderful Man that is Ted Lamb
Love You 

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