Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A "Thanks" for Lizzie

This last 7 days I have been in my Phase Two training at HBF.  Pretty full on but a lot of fun with our awesome trainer - Lizzie.  She makes it fun, we learn lots, have lots of laughs, listen to stories and Lizzie Jokes - and those Lizzie 'Hot Tips' are a must for evaluations!!!  

I think our highlight of the week was when Lizzie went to get a handout from downstairs, it was late in the arvo and someone mention we should all leave, go home!! Then the idea came out that we should hide...so there we were 9 of us, huddled on the floor under the desks, monitors and radio turned off!! We sure gave her a shock when she came back in to the room!! haha, she thought we were in the cupboard and got a fright when she found us all hiding!!! Well, you really had to be there!! It was very funny :-)

We played a game earlier in the course where we had to right down a truth about ourselves and two untruths and Lizzie put one in too - her truth turned out to be that she can eat a family pack of M&M's in less than 10mins!! - Peanut ones!! scoff scoff - so yesterday I went and got a nice jar and a pack of Peanut M&M's, made a card to match for all of us to sign...she loved it! and I love seeing the smile on peoples faces when you give them a small gift as a token of thanks.  

So here is our gift for Lizzie, as a Thanks for being a great trainer!!

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