Monday, March 19, 2012

Missing for a bit :-(

Hi All!!

I started back blogging with a vengeance last month, and then all of a sudden dropped the ball again !! Sorry - But this time I have an excuse!! I was in hospital! 

Yep, got a nasty pain in the old tummy on a quiet Saturday night, it was the start of the long weekend and I had just finished a frozen chocmilk!! (Oh yumm - memories from high school!!!) I thought I just had a stitch from the coldness of it, but no.... to cut a long story short here it is in point form!
  • headed off to hospital the next morning (Sunday) after a night of pacing the floor hunched over! 
  • got sent home at lunch time - tummy bug - kidneys and gall bladder fine :-)
  • about 10pm Sunday night, had 'explosion' in tummy!!, went back by Ambulance the same night (Sunday), given morphine, pain subsided but was given the choice to go home or stay and see what happens when morphine wore off - chose to stay in hospital and see.
  • Monday morning taken off for a CT scan
  • Hmmm looks like your appendix are inflamed and there is all this fluid around them!!!!
  • Ummm, we don't have surgeons here on a public holiday, we are sending you to Fremantle 
  • Monday night arrived at Fremantle hospital!! Lets have a poke at your belly shall we?
  • Scraped me off the ceiling and got me to sign consent forms!!!!
  • Decided to put me on standby for emergency appendectomy or first cab off the rank Tuesday morning 
  • Tuesday lunchtime I woke up to bright lights and a sore tummy (but a nice sore)
  • Now, lets see, what cocktail of antibiotics can we pump through you?? Oh lets try these..... (I am allergic to Penicillin) 
  • Wednesday, while talking to Doctors - I seem to be all pink!! and swollen!! Oh look how red and hot my arms are! And my knees are as big as basketballs!!!!! Did you give me Penicillin???
  • Soon discovered I am allergic to another group of antibiotics!!! Great!
  • Thursday - Finally off the fluid drip, but at least another 24 hours of Antibiotics!! lol Finally got rid of all the 'other' tubes etc.
  • Friday morning - yay I'm a going home!!! 
The whole time I was at Fremantle hospital....I was cut off from my phone!!! Tragic!!! I don't know if it was because I wasn't on a ward but in the ASU (Acute Surgical Unit) but my phone only had SOS signal!!! I would receive texts and emails but I couldn't access anything!!! So not only could I not get any sleep - as I am a tummy sleeper and that was not an option!!! - but I couldn't keep in contact with the world!!!! Arrgghhhhhhh lol

We had the odd 'other' hiccups, with Potassium levels, post op niggles and terrible terrible post MS injection reactions, but finally after a week of recovering at home I am finally starting to feel half human again! Yay.  I had a crafty night with my good friend Cindy on Saturday night, didn't achieve much, and what we were making - mine is for a friend, so I can't reveal quite yet what it was but it is CUTE!! But I am hoping to get on top of some housework today and then hit the craft room again for some 'SANITY' time!! 

So that was my exciting last two weeks! I am way behind now on my Birthday Fairy cards and had better get a wiggle on with my Blog Hop projects!! So catching up on housework and paperwork might have to take a back seat while I have some 'Me' time :-)

Oooh and lookie at theses gorgeous flowers I received while unwell......Asheley bought me in this beautiful balloon arrangement (she knows some chocolates set off migraines as do some flowers so figured this was a safe option!! How thoughtful and beautiful!!!).  On my way home from Freo on the Friday morning I was madly texting people to let them know I had been set free!!! and then I had just settled on the couch to watch a movie when I heard a noise outside, so by the time I got to the front door to see, there was this gorgeous arrangement of Gerbras!!! From Cindy!! They were all sparkly too!! So gorgeous!!! Thankyou to you both!! xxx

Whoops, turned out to be a long post anyway!! Sorry.  So it's off here for me, off to do a bit of housework and then some card making :-) Hopefully I will be back in a day or two with something to share.

Till Next Time...
Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Harrison

Hi there!!

Well it has been a bit of a slow craft week this week - a few appointments and hiccups and feeling 'off' means less time spent at the old desk!! - so with trying to keep blogging here is another card made last year.  

It was my best friends sons Birthday, so I decided to grab out Extreme Guitar, his favourite colour is green, so went with that! Then Jayden had a birthday party coming up and his friend likes bright colours - so I recreated it nice and colourful!

Hopefully today I will get to my desk and have a play - Festive Friday is out again tomorrow and I might dig out this weeks Mojo Monday too :-) 

Card Supplies
Stampin Up - Cardstock & Inks - Always Artichoke, Pear Pizzzaz, Whisper White, Pacific Point, Real Red, Pumpkin Pie, Daffodil Delight, Old Olive.  Stamp Sets - Extreme Guitar, Grunge Rock, Extreme Elements. Non Stampin Up - Stars and Tile.
Till Next Time...