Thursday, February 23, 2012

Teacher Gifts

In the spirit of trying to blog everyday and to also see if this Networkblogs thing is going to work, I thought I would blog a few things I have missed, but created over the last year.

These are the gifts I made for school at Christmas time.  It was our last year at Primary School so I want to make something for Owens Teacher, The Principal & Deputy and Di in the office. They have all been a great support to our family, Cas - always encouraging and telling us we are doing a great job, Pat - always there with a hug and advice and a caring smile, Di - always a caring smile and the 'Don't worry Owen is OK!' when she called and Miss A for being the most wonderful teacher you could ask for!!!! So they all needed something special.

When I saw this gorgeous Beautiful Wings Tutorial on Papercrafters Library I knew that that was what I wanted to do. I adjusted the sizes to a little smaller and made 5 for each box, using the In Colours. It was a big task - especially with my hand playing up and being 'thick' but I got them done.  I also purchased this tutorial from Inking Idaho last year, and when decided to do the cards knew that I wanted to put them in this box!! So a little adjusting here and there and I got it how I wanted it :-) They each included 5 cards and envelopes, 4 Ferrero Rochers, a pen and about 10 Favourites Chocolates.  

Then as an extra gift for the Amazing Miss A I gave her this, which has a covered notebook, fineliners, highligthers, 4 packs of post-it notes (she's an addict!!) and the special teacher post-its! I was quite impressed with the covered notebook, turned out rather spiffy!!

Well that's my Teacher Gifts for 2011 - i also popped a couple Treat Boxes on on the staff room table full of Favourites for the rest of the Teachers in the school.

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  1. Well, Wonderful ideas. I like the your blog very. I must say you have given great efforts for teacher gifts.


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