Monday, April 19, 2010

More Easter Baskets

Hello again!! Still on the old Easter Basket Craze! here are the baskets I had sitting on the table for the ladies who attended my craft class the weekend before Easter. (Also the teachers in Jayden & Owen's class scored one each too!!) We were making the cute little Chick, Rabbit and Sheep baskets posted earlier! I actually made 10 of these in total!! Yep!! Took forever!! lol. But were well worth it as they are so cute! They are from the fantastic templates you get from Timeless Templates by Lauren Meader. This one is Pack a Picnic - I have used the small template! I must make up the larger one to see how big it actually is, as I thought this was a decent size!! They are really quite easy to make and don't take too long, if you are making a heap! - like 10!! - I found it easy to have it all cut out, then sponge everything, then just start a production line and stick it all together!! The first one I made (the apricot one in the pic above) I used just normal DS tape, and it clearly hasn't stuck!! Sticky Strip was just a pain as the red peel off bit sticks to your fingers and drives me crazy! (lol) so I used the Tombow glue! and found it fantastic!! It sticks quickly and is not too messy!

I have basically used the same materials as in my earlier post on scallop envelope die baskets so instead of rewriting it all, just pop back there. Like I mention earlier, I actually prefer the Soft Subtles with the Kaleidoscope papers rather than the brights.

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