Monday, March 22, 2010

Published Again!

Excitement Plus!!! Yep My cards are in print again!! I love seeing how they get photographed!! they alway make them look so pretty!! This particular set of cards was sent in early last year!! But it is alway a buzz when they finally show up in print! So go on...go get your copy of cardmaking Stamping & Papercraft Vol 15 No 12 and check out how to make these awesome Quilt Cards!!!

Till Next Time...


  1. Wow! These are sooo cool! I'll def have to get this mag so I can learn how to make some too! TFS you must (and should be) so proud! :)

  2. These are gorgeous caroline, congrats on being published again. Hope you are doing well, I will have to organise a catchup sometime, I would love to see you.
    Have a great week.

  3. great set of cards. Really lovely. Congrats on being published again.


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