Friday, January 29, 2010

Introducing Ollie

Hi there!! Yep me again! I am playing a stupid game on Facebook and while I am sitting here I am trying to think of other things to do, so it doesn't seem like I am wasting time!! So I thought I'd introduce Ollie!

Here's the backstory....Once upon a time .. (lol) Nah, over Christmas Zoe and Josh stayed with us for a few days and along with them came Gadget, Zoes little 3 month old kitten. After they had left we felt there was something missing, and really missed the faint jingle of his little bell racing around! So we decided that we were going to get a kitten! After reading Judes post on facebook, just asking 'anyone have any kittens?' and how easy she found one, I thought I'd just ask! So when I went to work I asked ... and got the right answer!! lol

Ollie's mother was killed by the owners dog, and they didn't know there were any kittens until a neighbour heard them. The owners were bottle feeding the kittens and two of them went to people who wanted to hand raise them straight away. Lucky for me the owner was happy to continue bottle feeding until Ollie was eating food, so I could have her. At that stage we were unsure if she was a boy or girl but I already had names picked - Oliver for a boy or Annie for a girl. (As they were both orphans!) The name Oliver was growing on us and we were hoping it was a boy and we would call it Ollie for short. Well we are pretty sure she's a girl and have decided that she is Ollie anyway!!

She's a bit grubby in the pic! We gave her a bath on her first day here, but now she is learning how to clean herself! She is so tiny, so cute and so lovable!! She just cuddles in and snuggles under your chin!!

Now she is exploring the house and hiding around corners and jumping out at you!! Not a good idea as she is so tiny we nearly tread on her!! lol.

Sorry to bore you with my long non craft related post, but she is the most adorable little kitten I just had to share!

Till Next Time...


  1. Aaaaawwwww isn't she so cute!

  2. Hi Caroline,

    Lovely to 'meet' you. I think your kitten is adorable. I love both cats and dogs, at present we have a very affectionale and funny 'staffie' so a kitten is out of the question. Just thought I'd mention that my beloved Mum was often called 'Ollie' by family and friends, short for Olwyn which is a lovely welsh name. I think your ketten suits the name Ollie very much.


  3. Hi Caroline, How cute is Ollie! I'm sure she will return your love and cuddles ten fold, I too have recently adopted a kitten who was abandoned at my husbands school, she is called Polly and is blind, but doing really well and causing plenty of misschief.Her photo is on my blog.Take care and have fun with Ollie, lots of inky hugs from Charmaine :-)


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