Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some Chrissy Gifts

Hello to you all!! I am running a bit late with these couple of posts, so will pop them up quickly now! I have not had the best of years this year, with rotten migraines!! and have had a bit of time off work, I don't like it when other people are having to cover my shifts. I made these little gifts up for Julie and Cathie, just to say 'Thanks". They are little bottles of Shower Gel and Body Lotion from The Body Shop, with an exfoliating pad. I have based the boxes on the 3 x 3 Notecard Box at SCS and just changed the measurements to suit.

Then for Wendy, my boss, I have made up a little box from Timeless Templates, popped in some (yummy) flavoured Lindt Chocolates (the box holds 10 nicely) and a Breast Cancer Ribbon Bead for her Pandora Bracelet.

I was so happy with how the little gifts turned out, and the recipients loved them! Job Done!! Now to make sure I get on top of the headaches!! (We are putting a plan in action for that so we will see how it goes!!)

Most product Stampin Up!

Till Next Time...


  1. So adorable! Sure would have melted my heart! I love them! I hope you find the key to managing the migraines! TFS


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