Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gift Wrapping for a BEAD!!

Me again!!

We decided to get Zoe a Pandora bracelet for Christmas!! She is very hard to buy for and this way we can keep adding to it for her!! Never a worry about what to buy again!! YAY!! So she got the bracelet with a 'Z' charm, heart charm and little handbag charm from us and then Jayden and Owen each gave her an 'O' and an 'E' (The O being from Owen!! - of course!! lol) So now she has her whole name!! I wanted to package the beads from the boys in a nice way, instead of just the bag that they give at the shop. These are also from Timeless Templates and are 'Cash or Charge' they are little Gift Card holders!! So Cute!! and Zoe loved them too!

I also ended up with a Pandora bracelet for Christmas, from Wendy!! Zoe and I are now creating our 'wishlists' for future charms!! lol!!

Till Next Time...


  1. Hi Caroline, Thank you for for setting me straight with the name etc of the PB stamp!! I do love it! I have just done a litle browse of your blog - gorgeous stuff - you sure do some pretty OTP projects - love the little gift boxes!! What a way to present Pandora beads! I love my bracelet and every charm I receive or buy means something to me. It is far from full yet!!


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