Monday, December 14, 2009

2009 Teacher Gifts

Well as we all know, I haven't had a very creative year this year!! I have been struggling by to get made what NEEDS to be made!! Normally I would go a bit more lavish with the old Teacher Gifts but this year I just went with the treat boxes! Which they loved anyway!! Mini ones for the Teachers and a large one for the Staff Room (I bet the chockies only lasted till morning tea!! lol).

But for Mr Fuller I wanted to make something special, he has been a fantastic teacher and influence to Jayden and Owen, the last 3 years he has had at least one of my boys in his class and last year had both!! So as this was his last year with a Cassidy in his class I made him a special gift, which as Owen took it out of the box to give to him, he tipped it and everything fell out!! lol! but we put it all together again, and he loved it! I came across this project on someones blog, (I have no idea where) but thought it was a good idea. I have actually used coffee containers instead of tins (the Jarrah coffee Blends - they are a cardboard container). I know that Owen would be a culprit for always forgetting or 'not having' a pencil, or losing his ruler etc, so I thought I would give Mr Fuller a supply of 'Spares'. So that's my Teacher Gifts for 2009.

Here is a pic of all the gifts together!

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  1. These all look great & sure would have been appreciated, wonderful idea to add the supplies. I must start covering more of the containers & box's I've been hording, thanks for the inspiration.
    P.S Yes & yum to Tia Maria for Yum Yum ball recipe, will try it next batch.


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