Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Let's Play Lego!!

Or should I say "Mum is sick of the Lego getting messed up and left all over the place!! So we are going to make it all up, see what's missing and pack it away in neatly labelled bags and boxes that I am going to go to IKEA to get on Friday!! any excuse - lol - and while I am there I might pick up my new Alex Drawers!! The smaller ones that go under my craft desk!!! Get that Allen Key ready Anthony!!!! )"

So that is what we are doing!! Slowly but surely we are going to make up all of the Lego!! We have heaps as you can see from the pics. Jayden collected heaps of Harry Potter Lego and I would like for it to be kept intact! (In my dreams! we are probably missing heaps) We are keeping a list of what we can't find, and hopefully as the contents of the box dwindles, we will find some of the smaller pieces, then the next step is to see if I can get replacement pieces from the Lego site or online! (could be a big ask!)

So I figured seeing we are going to all this effort to make up the Lego, I may as well share it!! Jayden had a Harry Potter Birthday Party a few years back and we made up all of Jayden's HP Lego then and put it on display, so I will dig out that pic and share it too....stay tuned for that one!

Here is all the Ferrari Lego made up (see you can't even notice the 10-15 missing pieces!!)

A close up of the Scuderia Ferrari Truck!!

and the F1 Pit Set

Next challenge ...... The Hogwarts Express

(Found the pics of Jaydens HP Party, will share in a post tomorow!!)

Till Next Time...


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