Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kristen's 'DUCK' Challenge!

Hi again!

A few months back, Kristen set me a challenge for her Birthday Card! DUCKS!! What?? Anyway, time moved on and I still hadn't made the 'Duck' card! I had an idea in my head and sat down to do it on Wednesday (the day before her birthday!) but just couldn't get anything to work, I wasn't feeling the best so put it aside!! I bought her a cake on the day! (Guilty conscience - lol) but today I had another idea and sat down to put it in place! So using a trusty Mojo Monday Sketch - Mojo Turns 100 Day 6 I came up with this!!

I have actually had these little 'duck' stickers in my stash for a couple of years! I knew they would come in handy one day! I just knew I would get some obscure request for a 'Duck' card and wanted to be ready!! haha.

Anyway, I have scheduled this post to appear after I have given Kristen her card. So......


Till Next Time...


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