Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jaydens Harry Potter Birthday...2004

Ok well here are some pics from Jaydens Harry Potter Birthday Party in 2004!!

As I mentioned in the previous post, we made up all his Harry Potter Lego and put it on display! That took several weeks!! We had a Sorting Hat Pinata! and I made up little Spell Books/Colouring Books for all the kids, with special 'magic' colour change pens!!. I can't remember what I did for the lolly bags!! I always did BIG Production parties and NEVER took pics of my lolly bags - which were always very time consuming to put together. Silly me!! But they were always themed in with the party!

Here we have 'The Two Harry's'
(Jayden with Black Cape - Owen with Blue Cape)

The Cake!!
(I love this pic of Jayden)

The Sorting Hat Pinata

(Thanks Angie!!)

Angie and I spent the whole day covering the walls of the games room - Inside and Out - with cardboard and then each individual brick was sponged with a homemade 'brick stamp' made from a yoghurt container and a kitchen sponge!! I had already put the cardboard in place, then Angie came back with me after taking the kids to school and we spent from about 9am till 3pm sponging!!! and even then it wasn't finished!! we came back after school and continued, then Anthony and I continued later on also!! It was a BIG job! but worth it!

And Finally.....

This is what can be done with a smashed Sorting Hat Pinata
when all the lollies have fallen out!!

I hope you enjoyed the photos!!

Till Next Time...


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