Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Owens Night of the Notables!

Who Am I ?

I was born in Wales in 1916
I went to school until I was 18.

I went away to boarding schools
some I hated, some were great
Sometimes my mates and I
got Cadbury Bars to rate.

I was bad at English,
while I was at school
But now I am a writer
Isn't that cool?

After school I went to war
and faced lots of foes.
On one mission I crashed my plane
and I actually lost my nose!

I went to Washington
where I learned so much
The people I met
loved my writing as such

I met Patricia
She became my wife
Suddenly she was ill
and could have lost her life.

We had one son, Theo
by a car he was struck.
I helped invent a valve
and he was well by luck.

I'm a famous writer now
My first book was big.
It's about a boy and a fruit
but not about a pig!

In 1990 I had
a rare blood disorder.
By the of the year
I was Out of Order.

I liked to help others in need
and visited the sick in many Nations
After I died
Pat and Liccy made my foundation.

Now it is time
for me to end
Thankyou, Thankyou
All my good friends

Do you know who I am?? All will be revealed.........

Tonight after weeks and weeks of research, tears, tantrums, blood sweat and more tears!!!! we finally completed our 'Night of the Notables'. All the children in Owens' Year 5 PEAC (Primary Extension and Challenge) chose an eminent person and for the evening, they became that person. They dressed up, presented a Bio Riddle and then went and stood with their Learning Centres (a display of what they have learned about their person) where we went around and asked them questions about their life, goals and achievements as this person. If we were lucky we were given a souveneir to take home!

Owen chose...

...Roald Dahl

He is actually dressed as Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He spoke very well while reciting his BioRiddle, he is a very fast talker, so getting him to slow it down was a task in itself, but he managed and he also got a few chuckles from the audience!! We made up a pile of Bookmarks, showcasing 8 of Roald Dahls most well known books and some interesting facts about the books. He also gave out some cadbury Chocolate (for the visitors to rate!! haha). They had to complete many tasks including, A Report on their person, write the Bio Riddle, plan a dinner party for their person and explain who they would invite and where they would sit and what they would eat! A mindmap and a timeline, a letter to the person (or in this case Owen wrote to the Roald Dahl Foundation) a famous quote by their person, and then any other information they wanted to present. All in all he did well.

It was a fun night! We were in the company of many great people!! Such as ~ Alexander the Great!! Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth, Helen Keller, Neil Armstrong, Julie Andrews, John F Kennedy, Picaso, Mozart, Amelia Earhart, Captain James Cook, Einstein, The guy who invented Lego!! Albert Nobel, Henry the VIII, Leonardo Da Vinci, Walt Disney, a couple more that I can't remember and Bill Gates, who popped a sticker on my shirt saying "Microsoft ~ Change the World or go home" Funny, I just went to the Carousel today and put in my order for my iMac that I am going to pick up on Saturday!!! LOL Looks like I better "Go Home!!" (hee hee)

All these eminent people!! in Kalamunda!! and we are very proud of Owen! He did so well!! It was very hard to get him to put in the extra work, but worth it and he is pretty chuffed with himself too!!

Hopefully back on the weekend with a couple of cards...

Till Next Time...


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