Monday, August 31, 2009

My First 'Bind It All' Project

Oohh Looky Look!! (haha) I just made my very first project with my Bind It All!! I've had the BIA for about 3-4 weeks, but haven't had a chance to play, so today was 'playday' !! I still have a bit to learn, my wires are a little wonky, and I think I should have used a bigger wire, but I had no idea when I bought them and thought the 1/2" one would be fine - but they are not! so this holder only holds about 2/3 a pad of Post-its! I need to get some 1" wires.

After school we popped to the shops to do a bit of Father's Day shopping, and I thought I'd just pop to Spotlight to see if I could get the corner rounder to use with the chipboard, and low and behold when I found the isle they had the cute little pink bags (Bag a Bind) to store them in!! so I did a bit of Mother's Day shopping (as we all know it should be Mother's Day every day!!) and picked myself up a bag, the new spacer thingy and the wire snips in the cute little pink case!!

Anyway, back to the project! Do you like the cute Duck? well seeing I have a had a request for a 'Duck' card, this was the original idea that I had, or a card with this duck image!! Well the card didn't come together as planned, but this did!!! It is actually a serviette!! Yep! from Craft Factory. Now that I have played with one I will play some more! (I will post this awesome bauble that Petra made for Jayden later, when I can photograph it clearly.) Anyway, I have separated the three layers (yes three) I had trouble finding the third!, then ran the card I wanted to cover through my Xyron, layered the serviette over it and smoothed it all out nicely. The duck is actually stuck on a separate bit of card and has been cut out and raised with mounting foam. I didn't have any chipboard coasters, and the cardboard/chipboard that I had was rather thick! so what I have done is used the backing card from the Stampin Up! Designer Paper packaging and have stuck two bits together, then when you add the cardstock to the front and inside, it is plenty thick enough for this sort of project! I have heaps of this card, so I plan to stick several of the 12 x 12 sheets together and then I can cut them to size at my leisure!

Anyway, that's about it for now!! I will share my Duck Card tomorrow! Go check out Craft Factory and see all the awesome serviettes there!! Oh and here is a pick of the back! Oohh I love it!!

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  1. So, so cute Caroline. Lucky you to have the Bind it all, just another toy for the collection :) You will have to show us what you can do with the serviettes, that looks so cool. Hope you are on the mend now and are beating those darn headaches. It's sad to hear that you are still having to cope with them. I am thinking of you and hoping to see you soon. We will miss you on Friday.
    Love Lee-Anne


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