Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stepper Boxes for Denise

Hello everyone!! Well first up apologies for not posting in a while!! I blame my new iPhone!! Sorry , but it is so addictive!! I got so sick of my old phone (Hiptop 3) freezing and not connecting to the network, that I decided to switch, and hey, the new iPhone was being released!!! So I have been playing with my new toy!! Sorting out my contacts, calendar, Ringtones, apps etc etc etc! and basically no crafting!! One thing I had to get done though were these Stepper Boxes for my friend Denise, I took my projects from Unconvention to her place when I visited last and she loved them and asked me to make up a few. they are not hard to make, I think I spend more time on deciding which DP & colours I am going to use than actually making them!! I have also made up a couple of matching cards. Both Boxes are virtually the same using Ginger Blossom DP (retired). I have three more to make for her!! So had better get busy!! I have used the Mojo Monday 37 Sketch as my inspiration for the cards.

I have also been trying to get some order in my craft room, reorganising etc, plus sorting out paperwork getting organised for Tax Time!! Gotta Love it!! So on that note!! I had beeter go finish what I have started!! Bye


  1. That is really cool! I will have to give these a try... I can see them making great gifts combined with some of my homemade earrings and a necklace!! :)


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