Monday, July 6, 2009

New Look!! What do you think??

Well it's Carolyn McPherson's fault!! lol I was reading a few posts from SOS and followed a link to Carolyn's blog (just gorgeous by the way!!) and discovered the link to this cool blog where you can get free backgrounds!! I really like the cuteness of them and this one is my fave! so I thought "a change is as good as a Holiday!!!" it's school holidays! and we are not going away, so why not!! hee hee. Anyway enough babbling from me, I need to remove myself from this end of the house to the quieter end or my headache will get worse!!


  1. Hi Caroline,
    Love your new look, your background is just sooooooooooo cute!

    Hope your headache eases!

    Take Care,


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