Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Baby is Broken!!

Oh dear!! My baby broke!!

(lol) He was having a go on one of those RipStiks at daycare on Thursday and fell off!! Apparently he was very good, very brave! He just said "I think I have hurt my arm" When Kathleen phoned me at work and said it looked crooked!!! Eeek!! Off I flew got the boys, got snacks & water, got petrol!! then headed up to PMH (Childrens Hospital). Silly me didn't even think that he may need to have the bone put back in place, so I let him eat!! So after the X-rays revealed that the bone was sticking out at a lovely angle, we were told that we had to wait at least 3 hours before they could do anything! Sedation was the first option, but we needed a nurse to be with him the whole time and as they are short staffed, that just didn't happen! so the Orthopedic Doctor!! booked him in for a general anesthetic for 8pm!!

We'd been there since 1.30pm! Owen was starting to get bored in emergency and resorted to memorising the eye charts!! I reckon they should have opened all the curtains so that everyone could see the show!! He is such a little comedian!! Anthony finally got there about 6pm, so I took Owen home. Jayden had to stay in hospital overnight!! but he was fine! He is now becoming very good at playing Wii left handed!! (lol). He is not allowed to go to school for a week, till it is x-rayed again next week, so lucky we are on school holidays hey? but that also means no daycare next week either! We don't want it getting knocked!

Showers are now Dad's responsibility!! (yay - haha) and I have to remember to allow an extra 30 mins each morning to re-wrap the bandage and get his shirt on!! He'll be Houdini by the end of the 5 weeks!!

Anyway, I need to make some swaps for my Dinkum Diva's meeting tomorrow!! Nothing like leaving it till the last minute hey?



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