Saturday, July 4, 2009

Check this out!!

Well I am humming away to myself today "....give me a home among the gumtrees!!" lalalalala!!

Owen had his class assembly yesterday and they have been studying Australia this term!! So we were thoroughly entertained with the Year 4/5 version of Tie me Kangaroo Down Sport (Rolf Harris) and Old Man Emu (John Williamson) You had to be there it was very funny to watch!! Anyway, we were also treated to the school singing the Orange Grove version of Give me a Home Among the Gumtrees! You can listen to a school choir version here. and decipher the words here!! The words have been changed to suit our school!! How cool hey?? Plus Owen the clever little "Animator To Be" has also created a maze in Scratch, which has also been popped up on the website for all to have a go at!! Not sure which version it is!! 1.0 or 1. 9 (approximately!! ) He keeps adding to it!! haha. You can check that out here!!

Now I was cleaning up my craft desk!! So back to that hey??? Have a nice weekend everyone!


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