Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cooking up a Storm!!

Hello again, well I still haven't moved on from the cupcakes yet!! Nearly though. I will put the set away this weekend and attack something else!! (lol) What started the 'binge' was Makeesha's cards on her blog! Then it sort of grew from there so here are a few that I made up which were inspired by the 3rd card in her post...

These two use the MojoMonday Sketch No. 88 and I have just changed the colours around. I decided to keep it pretty simple so that it can be used for a male Birthday.

I decided to stick with the green and blue for these next two, a couple more suitable for the men!! These have followed two of the Sketch Challenges that Lisa has put on the SOS group this week! 2 down 4 to go!! (haha - I think!!)

Anyway, I'll be off!! and I will upload the other cupcakes soon.




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