Monday, June 15, 2009

Chalkboard Technique

Hello again! Well my craft ladies are coming over for a Technique Class on Saturday and we are going to have a play with the Chalkboard Technique. This is my first attempt at it! and I have had fun, so over this coming week I plan to make a few more cards showcasing it.  I have made the Free Standing Pop Up Card as our 3D item and a single card. I have also written up the instructions for them, and they will do a few samples to stick on a page for their Technique Binders. (which is just an A5 Bantex Binder with Clear sheets). Here are a close up of the two cards we will be making. 

I thought I would try different background colours instead of just using black, and am loving the Navy Blue.  When we make this card I am going to make the pink background just a little narrower so the Flower image stands out a little more!

I loved making up this PopUp Card, though when it slides closed it also scrapes along the chalk. I have a can of Micador Workable Fixative Mat! that you can spray over the chalk image and it sort of 'seals' it! then you can work over the top of it again and respray if needed. It dries in seconds and doesn't alter the cardstock or chalk. If anything it gives it a slightly brighter crisper image ~ less dusty!! So we will use this on the weekend too!

I have two more Chalkboard card ideas up my sleeve so will blog them when I am done! If they work out!! (lol).  So that it for me, off to complete some challenges.



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