Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Third Main Project (Second isn't finished yet!!)

This is the third Main Project released!  I am still working on the second, finsihing up all the little bits to go inside it. I have a problem with doing straight forward things!! and need to mull over them so they are 'just right'. Hopefully will get it done tonight! Anyway, this I have seen previously on other peoples blogs. It has been one of things that you look at, go "WOW!!", then say "I must give that a go!!" then put it to the back of your mind and never get around to doing it!! This is what I have loved about UNconvention!! We have all been 'giving these things a go!!' So thankyou to Lisa, who has sourced these items for us.  She has provided us with the links to the Blogs of where she sourced them, and for life of me have lost the page with the instructions, so will add it a bit later.

I have decided to use up a bit of Retired DP as I have yet to 'acquire' alot of the new stuff! Though will this month, as it is buy 3 get one free!! Gotta Love That!!!

So here is my 'Stepper Box', isn't it gorgeous?  I used tape to stick the liner in, but with use spray adhesive next time as it buckled a little. I have also attached the Hodgepodge Frame through the ribbon, I didn't want the ends to scratch the side of the box as it is a snug fit.  
Anyway, found that link for the Stepper Box, so go on, give it a go!!! NOW!!  haha. I am off to finsish a couple of the other projects.  Seeya


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