Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pun Fun Class

OMG!! I have been a bit of a bad blogger hey!??? I have been busy though, so I will try and blog my bits and pieces today and schedule a 'delayed release' persay!! lol.

I frequently visit Andrea Walfords blog, I just love the little card sets that she comes up with so I decided to take the plunge and purchase a couple of her classes.  This first one is Pun Fun, it is a cute little folder that has four card/tags in it, and the envelopes actually 'tear out' of the folder as you use them, they are perforated on the fold. We don't have that particular sized envelope in our aussie catalogue, so i was going to adapt it for DL size, then realised they would be too big.  Then a lightbulb moment - yep the envelopes in last years Lifelong Notes Simply Sent kit were the same size!! so I used those.  I plan to adapt the folder to suit the note cards though, as I think they would be cute!

Anyway I am prattling, when following a tutorial  I like to follow it exactly first up and then change it to suit me or use other papers when I make another so I have made this folder the same as the tutorial.  I have also solved (I think) my magnetic snaps problem - they seem too strong and one always seems to pull/tear away from the paper - so I have discovered that if I put a bit of cardstock between the two magnets, they seem to not pull too hard. (if ya get my drift!!) So on this folder I have hidden the top magnet between two Pumpkin Pie scallop circles! So one is attached between two scallops under the squirrel ( this also give the bit that you use to open the folder a bit more strength), and the other is attached to the blue base. Anyway, on to the pics hey??

This picture shows the folder open, the perforations are on the fold near the DP.

This pic shows the tags in the envelopes.

Now below is a close up of all the tags!! I love this set, and this (unfortunately retired) paper. Each Tag has a different opening! The Hippo & Bird both open outwards, to write on the inside. The Cat pulls out a hidden tag to write on.  The Whale image and the scalloped top section open upwards and the Rockets on the Pumpkin Pie open upwards. So cute!!! So clever, Thanks to Andrea for a wonderful class! I hope to pass it on to my ladies in the future, using newer product.

So that's that! What did you think??  I can't wait now to adapt it to suit notecards, it would make a lovely gift!!

Bye for now!!



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