Thursday, May 21, 2009

My UNconvention Swaps

Well here they are! My Swaps for Unconvention!! Next time I do a MEGA Swap can someone remind me to 'keep it simple' !! I tell you, the card idea was good in theory, but when you need to make 21 (one for me) all the same it is not a good idea to have so many layers in mind! especially if you are like me and sponge everything!! Luckily I had my sister here and she sat and helped me sponge one evening, she did all the chocolate and I did the pink. I also had to stamp out and emboss all the pink backgrounds and the white dots on the eggs. 21 bows ~ all pretty much identical! Not an easy task!! But they are done! Finished and I am pretty proud of them!

The theme was Unconventional ~ meaning use a stamp set for a different purpose that what it is designed for, unconventional colour schemes etc. I chose to use the 'A Good Egg' stamp set, which is generally used for Easter Cards and made a 'Happy New Baby' card. I like the look of having the Egg open up (seen on SCS) and decided to put the baby from all in the family in the egg. As I said ~ a great idea in theory!! but not when you are making 21 of them!! LOL. But I had fun and I hope the ladies enjoy their cards. Also a BIG Thankyou to Lisa D'Almeida for coming up with, and organising the Un Convention!! and her helpers!! You have all done a fabulous job and all the time and effort you have put in is awesome!!!

So now that UNconvention is over and things are getting back to normal, I hope to try and share with you 3 - 4 times a week!!



  1. I love these cards Caroline. You were busy.


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