Friday, May 8, 2009

The Most Difficult Main Project! from Unconvention

This project got me so frustrated!! LOL It was very fiddly, and one that I probably wouldn't try again for a while, though I should give it another go or two and then put the instructions away!! haha.  It wasn't the card that was so hard it was getting the pop up mechanism 'just right' and then the 'wall' paper covering the mechanism to sit right without bubbling or slipping!! But I got there in the end.  
As I was making it I thought my good friend Debbie (who I have known since high school), and it was her birthday yesterday ~ I  am getting my days muddled and actually thought her birthday was today (Friday) but it wasn't, so I was making it on Wednesday night, during our final unconvention chat, and thought "Yep, pop it in the mail tomorrow and Deb will get it on her Birthday, but no, i was wrong, so she should get it today.
Here I go again, prattling away.  If you would like to give it a go you will find the instructions at Ok I am off!! Debbie, if you are reading this I hope you like your card and had a lovely birthday.


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