Friday, May 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (2009.1)

Well I don't know about the rest of you but I started off the year in such a positive note!!! Full of gusto, started on my resolutions and everything was going 'hunky dory' THEN.......  half the side fence fell down, just as we got the insurance quote!! The other half fell down! Then my 'just under' 4 year old Kia Carnival started making a noise!! "Oh it's just wind noise" says my hubby (mechanic), cars get rattly after a while, "No it's not!!" Long story short - Transmission Rebuild!! Lovely.  Then I had (as now diagnosed) a Sudden Onset Thunderclap Migrainous Headache!!! and I lost my speech!! Similar symptoms to a stroke - but it wasn't thankfully!! But it took me near on two weeks to start talking normally again!! Yes it was amusing to listen to!! But it was also very frustrating for me! Many expensive medical tests later....I am normal, Diagnosis - "These can occur in chronic migraine sufferers" Thanks!!! Many other little mishaps, little mini mental breakdown, not much crafting, MoJo and will went out the window!! So I decided at the begining of the week that I was going to restart the year!! Kick start my diet, kickstart my life!!!! So May the 1st is my January 1!! Zoe was quick to mention that seeing we are starting the year again does that mean that she gets a 21st again??? Well considering her 21st fell right smack in the middle of all this and even though she had her party with her friends, we didn't go out or anything, so come 14th July, were are celebrating her 21st!! (and my 40th).
Unconvention has kicked me off on this New Start!! (Thanks Guys) so here we go....2009 Take 2


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