Thursday, May 7, 2009

Flip Flop Album (Another) Main Project

Now this isn't as difficult as it looks, and it is a cute sort of 6" x 6" album, and you end up with 9 pages to scrap.  I actually stuck mine in the 'cover' a little different to the instructions given, but I found it sat flatter.  I also haven't added a 'flap' for the front or the doors on the inside, as I am waiting to see what suits when I add photos, I am going to have a look through the pictures taken at the boys, Christmas/Graduation Concert and Christmas 2008 and see if they are worthy of scrapping in here.  As I said it was really quite easy to make up and a gorgeous way to showcase some of the beautiful DP's that Stampin Up! have to offer.

The link for where Lisa got this beauty from is here on, so go check it out, like I said it is very easy.


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