Friday, April 24, 2009

The Visit from the Kalgoorlians!!

Well I have just had a lovely week with my sister Jenni from Kalgoorlie, and with her came Taneika and Ella!! her two gorgeous daughters!! We had fun.  Taneika went off in to the city with Zoe to 'look' at ball dresses, while Jenni, Ella, the boys and I hit the Carousel.  Well the text came through!! "I have found my Dress" and it is absolutely stunning!! No pics yet!! Not till after the ball. Jenni went in the next day and 'dealt' with the difficult, snooty sales people, and they brought it home.  Shoes were found and tie and bag to match!! All Done.
Taneika was reading Twilight when she arrived, so when she finished I picked up the second book New Moon and placed it on her bed (you couldn't miss it!) and then waited till she 'discovered' it.  Jenni and I stood in the kitchen when she went to get dressed to go out, we waited...and waited...Hmmm I know she's blonde...but!!! haha. Then the door opened and out she burst! The look on her face was definately worth the $20!! Ha ha!! And it only took her a day to read it!! Hmm do I go get the third book?
Ella is gorgeous!! Unfortunately I couldn't get her to say "Aunty Caroline" the best I could get was "Ca ca ca" she nearly said Jayden though!.  He was all over her, following her around, pushing her stroller, patiently teaching her the word 'Jayden' LOL.  Anyway, it was a lovely time we had, and sad to see her go!! I even got Jenni to help me with my swaps for UnConvention!! (She sponged all the chocolate chip bits!! - Those in the know, know what I am talking about!! haha)
Well time to share some pics....

Ella & Taneika (Note the Twilight Book!! Another Addict!)

Ella's 'Camera Face'

Owen's "I said..Don't take my Picture" Look!! (Whoops!! Too Late!!)

And Finally Jayden & Taneika

So that's it, another visit over and gone!! Ella has grown so much, I had to be careful picking her up as I did my back again the week before!! (What timing! grrr) So it was limited cuddles, as she is running around alot and doesn't like to just sit on Aunties knee, there is way too much exploring to do! Lol.

Well I am now off to finish my Unconvention Swaps, I just need to stick the 'recipe' to the back and package them up ready to post.  I also need to make a card for my SOS Hotel Roommate Maggie (Whom I am yet to email and introduce myself to) and get that sent off with the little gift I made.  More about Unconvention later, it is all still so secretive. But in a nutshell it is a Stampin Up Convention for those of us who are not attending the 'actual' convention that is being held in Canberra next week.  There are around 30 of us who are all meeting online for chats, make & takes, swaps and even an Awards Dinner!! Sounds like fun, so I thought I'd join in. I will share my Swap and the projects we make after the event.

Till next time, Happy Stamping!!



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