Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Talking Text Message

Oohh I thought I'd share this funny thing that happened last week when I picked up my car.  I was so excited, I have been driving my beloved KIA Carnival for the last four years, I love it - I sit up high with a straight back, my legs are comfy just like sitting in a chair - instead of being stretched out in front of me trying to reach the pedals! I still have to pull my seat all the way forward, but I love it!! No major back aches.  When I used to drive the Camry if we went on a long trip you basically had to roll me out of the car, as I would be so stiff!! also the brakes on the Camry are not the best, you get used to it (as I had) you sort of had to basically put the pedal to the floor and push it some more to stop!! (My Hubby is a mechanic by trade!! Say no more!!) So when I went to brake in the KIA needless to say I nearly went through the windscreen they are so sensitive!!  Anyway, on to the point of the story.....I went and picked up the KIA after two weeks and sent my hubby a text - this is what Iwrote!!
OMG!! I have brakes!! LOL :)
I accidentally sent it to our home phone instead of his mobile.  I don't know if this happens elsewhere in the world, but in Aus you can send a text to a landline and it converts it to speech. When I got home the phone rang and it was a talking text message, this is what the lovely computerised lady said.....
Oh My God I have brakes laughing out loud smiley face without a nose!!
I certainly did laugh out loud after that!! It was in such a monotoned voice with no breaks and no emotion!! It was so funny~!~ Maybe that contributed to my back giving way a few hours later!! I couldn't save it on the phone, so when Anthony got home I resent the text to the home phone so he could have a giggle to!! 
Haha, anyway, I  am off for that walk around the house. I should start timing my self and aim for a Personal Best!!maybe put a few obstacles in the way!! No hurdles though!! I don't think that will work. ;-).


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