Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Victorian Bushfires

We have all been shocked, saddened, angered and touched by the Victorian Bushfires. So many emotions - shocked by the sheer magnitude of it all, saddened by the loss of life and property, angered at the fact that they are most likely lit by arsonists and touched by the generosity and support given by fellow man. To turn on the TV or open the paper and see how everyone just rallies to help, is truly a beautiful thing that will bring a tear to any eye!

At our schools' Monday Morning Meeting, the children decided to have a free dress day to support Animal Aid - to support the bushfire victims, and with one days notice the school community raised $281. What a wonderful effort! Also today a note came home asking for toys, games, books and stationery (new or near new) to go to the children who have lost everything due to the fires. So we have gone through our cupboards and pulled out Excercise books, Colouring in Books, pencils, some toys, some reading books to send on for the children. Most of the stuff was in my top cupboard, my little stash for birthday party prizes. If they put a smile on a child's face or give a child something to do that takes their mind of what they have been through, then we have made a difference, even though we are in WA

So I urge everyone, to give just a little, whether it be a donation of food, blankets, toys or money, every little thing does add up. Check in that top cupboard and see what you have, I am sure there is something little that will help alot.

On a final note, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been caught in this terrible tragedy, we are so far away from it all here in Perth, but hope that the little things that we are all doing make a big difference to everyone in the affected areas.

The Cassidy Family


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