Monday, February 23, 2009

A Rotten Week and a Beautiful Surprise

Well we had a terrible week here in the Cassidy house last week. I had some weird turn/episode on Sunday night and come Monday morning couldn't talk!! Now anyone who knows me knows that that is like chopping off my right arm!! (lol - I gotta hit that word quota everyday!! Just ask anthony what it's like when he gets home from work!!). While it was amusing seeing me trying to stutter out my words, it was also rather frightening too! Me being as stubborn as I am just wanted to sleep and didn't let Anthony take me to the hospital on Sunday Night - "I'll be fine in the morning!" I mumbled. But when I couldn't get out what I wanted to say to the delivery guy at work the next morning, it sort of twigged that something might be wrong!! I spent Monday in the emergency room!! Yep Wendy finally got her way and got me to have a CT Scan!! (haha) But it isn't a joke, and it really hit home on how concerned my friends actually are about these stupid migraines that I get!! This was a real eye opener! I have been putting off, getting these headaches looked into, scared of what they might (or might not!!) find in my head!! But now the ball is rolling!! Slowly, but rolling. I am booked in for a MRI and have an appointment with a Neurologist who specialises in Migraines in May!! When I got home from work today, this beautiful bouquet of flowers was sitting at my door waiting for me. WOW, it was from all the staff at Orange Grove Primary School (where my boys go) I was truly touched. Our little school is truly a community of beautiful people! So a big thankyou to you all at OGPS.

I also received a gorgeous bouquet from my friends Deb & Asheley, I didn't think to take a pic, but they too, were gorgeous!! Thanks everyone for your care and concern this last week. And (yeah I know I shouldn't start a sentence with 'and' heads not right!!) A huge thankyou to Wendy and Trevor (if you read this) racing in to work, taking charge, giving me NO CHOICE!! talking to anthony and organinsing the boys!! Anthony and I both really appreciate everything you do. Thankyou.



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