Monday, December 22, 2008

My Exciting News!!

Ok, we'll here it is!!

Today in the mail I received my monthly subscription of Cardmaking, Stamping and Papercraft, but this is a special one!! I have been published in it!! This is my first ever time and I am very (very) excited!! Can you tell? Just go look in the sky! That beaming ray of light is my smile!! (haha) Anyway, it is on sale from December 26th, Vol 14 No 6 - go check it out!! Oh - my cards are on Pages 52 -54!! Also, back in August I posted a little Thankyou Card. This is what it was made for, I sent it in to the magazine with my instructions! I have known that these cards were accepted back in August! and have kept it a secret from my crafting friends all this time! Boy was that hard!! Anyway, enjoy!

I couldn't of asked for a better Christmas present!


  1. Congratulations you are very talented.

  2. Congrats Caroline! Your work is stunning!
    Can't wait to get my copy!
    Take Care


  3. Congratulations Caroline! I got my copy the other day and didn't get much time to have a good look but your page did stand out! Great Work!

  4. I already had the magazine & recognised your name. They are stunning - congratulations - I can completely understand your excitement! Well done!

  5. Well done!!
    Your cards are always lovely, and well-made.


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