Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Tale of Two iPods!!

We decided to get the boys an iPod each for Christmas. They do Podcasting at school, so this way they can download and listen to them (and watch the video ones). When I got mine the other week, they both commented that they were going to save up for one out of their pocket money and birthday money and announced which colours they wanted (how easy was that to choose their colours!!??) We wrapped up their Docks and put them under the tree with everything else, so when they opened up the docks they were convinced that there was an iPod somewhere!! But no iPod appeared and beneath the tree was empty!! I reminded them that they said they were going to save up for one from any Christmas, Birthday and PocketMoney that they get. So they accepted this and moved on (I was very convincing!!) Then later in the afternoon - well after lunch - Zoe reminded me about them, so we sneakily placed them under the tree and announced that we wanted a photo of the boys and Zoe & Josh in front of the tree, then Zoe casually looked around and said "Oh, what are these, we missed some!!" I think the following picture says it all

Needless to say they were over the moon!! I had already loaded them up with Podcasts and some of their favourite music for them, and had them fully charged ready to go. (that was a marathon mission through the wee hours of the morning last wekk!!). They have all the old records that I listened to as a kid on them - silly songs which they love, their Pokemon CD etc, and they can download some newer stuff over the holidays!!

All in all we had a lovely Christmas Day, had a few drinks, lots of laughs, got out some old photos, played Harry Potter Cluedo!! How cool!! Zoe & Josh decided to stay another night. Then later in the evening my Boss and family came over with the most awesome Chrissy Pressie!! Which I will blog later when it is all filled and labelled!! WOW Thanks Wendy!! and Trevor, Eilish, Shelby & Kristen!!

Anyway, I am off to finish playing with my HUGE Pressie!! and then another Cluedo challenge is scheduled for a little later on!!




  1. Hi caroline,
    Great pic, the smiles say it all lol!
    Sounds like you had a fab day, but I was glad when my day was over, so noisy, busy but sooooo much fun lol!
    Take Care



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