Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Teenage Behaviour Code!

Hey there just me again!! Thought I'd share this little poem that I came across earlier in the year, that I popped in Caitlin's 13th card.

Advice for a new Teenager!

Start being very awkward
Refuse to eat your greens
Turn your room into a trash pile
It's the law, you've reached your teens!

Throw several tantrums daily
Become a right stroppy toad
You've got no choice you must obey
The Teenage Behaviour Code

It's said you'll get all grumpy
And spend too long in bed
Say "it's not fair" an awful lot
In your teenage years ahead

But these can be exciting times
Energetic, full of beans
Don't rush to be an adult
Take your time, enjoy your teens
I hope you enjoyed it!

Author - Jon Bratton 2007


  1. When you came across it, the author's name Jon Bratton was included. As the author you may of course use it in your cards without mentioning the author but on your blog, as a website publisher you must acknowledge the author

    1. My apologies Jon, that I missed acknowledging you as the Author. I have fixed this up now. Thanks for a fantastic poem :-)



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