Friday, October 31, 2008

Yumm Spiders!!! (Huh?)

Hello there, guess what I have been doing ALL Day? Making these cute little spiders!! You see I had this wonderful idea (not!) At the boys school it is tradition (not sure how long it has been going for) but each year the year 4/5 class has a sleepover! It is an event that the kids have to earn through class points and is something that they really look forward to! and this year both of my boys are in the 4/5 class so Anthony and I get a (very rare) night to ourselves!! and seeing this years has fallen on Halloween I thought I'd make these cute spiders, that I found here. My original thought was to make two for each child, but quickly changed that to one with a few extras!! (40 in all!!) Each spider has been made with Stampin Up! Punches - 2 Scallops, 4 Photo Corners, 2 half inch circles and 3 quater inch circles per spider!!. The lower legs attached to the face scallop and the higher legs attached to the back scallop! Sandwiched between them are the yummy Dove Individually wrapped Chocolates. I have mainly used milk chocolate for them but there are some mint ones too. I would have started them about 9am and finished about 2ish this arvo!! Jayden and Marrisa pucnhed out all the scallops for me on Wednesday after school, I sat in front of the tele for about 2 hours last night glueing the coloured legs together and my friend Kathleen - who popped in for a coffee this morning - offered to punch out the little circles to day while I was starting to put them together! Even with all the help punching, it still took a while!! But they are cute hey? Jayden and Owen love them and want to make some up too, so that may happen on the weekend. Anyway, I am off to get them ready for the sleep over. Have a great weekend.


Materials Used - Stampin Up! - Cardstock - Basic Black, Yoyo Yellow, Real Red, Green Galore, Tempting Turquoise, Only Orange, Pixie Pink. Punches - Scallop Circle, Photo Corner, 1/2 Inch Circle, 1/4" Circle


  1. These are certifiably delicious!! We couldn't work out whether to admire them or eat them. (Eventually our appetites won out!)

    I was looking for your email address Caroline and stumbled across your blog. Very nice work!!

    Paul Fuller
    Owen and Jayden's teacher


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