Saturday, October 18, 2008

A trio of Posts!!

Hi there!! I haven't posted in a while so thought I'd better do something about it! My craft desk looks like a bombs hit it and yet I haven't achieved much in the last couple of weeks at all!! (sob sob *boo hoo*) I have posted the two cards that I made for my lovely friend Denise!! I spent the day with her yesterday and as I text my hubby Anthony when I got home "I am going for a lie down, I've had too much today! too much driving, too much talking, too much eating, too much coffee!! " I was exhausted! She lives a good 45 min drive away, (I drop the boys at school and head down to her place and leave in time to go straight to school to pick the boys up again) but it is always fun catching up, Denise isn't a cardmaker! she is a card buyer! and she relieved me of a pile yesterday - my boxes are looking empty again! Geez, now I am going to have to sit down and play with all my toys again!! What a chore (not!)

I have also been having a play with my punches and have made some of the cute Sesame Street Cards that are around, I searched for a Zoe, but couldn't find one I like so I created my own but she is still waiting to be put on a card, so I will share the Sesame Street cards later in the week. (I actually created a real life Zoe about 20 years ago!! This is who the punched Zoe is for!! hee hee)

Anyway, I hope everyone is well and till next time! Happy Creating!!




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