Monday, October 27, 2008

A 'Case' of the Sesame Street Cuties!!

These two cards are totally cased! But who wouldn't they are just gorgeous!!!!! As soon as they started popping up on Blogs I knew I had to make them!! They are so bright and cheery and colourful!! I even made a Zoe!! as I have a Zoe, but for the life of me I can't find her (the paper one that is!! haha) I must keep looking as I want to put her on a card for the real one!! (confused yet?) Anyway, I am just going to go find which blogs I found these two cards on....I'll be back! I think I know where I am going.........Right the first one - The Filmstrip I found on Karens Blog!! Just love it!! I really admire Karens work and get all excited when 'Luvtostamp' is BOLD when I check my RSS Feeds!! So go check out her Blog!! Fantastic!!!! Now for the other one!! ....back soon...I am pretty sure it is Jean McKenzies, but I will get the link!... Back again - the ole' memory hasn't quite gone on me yet! I was right. Here it is The Four Square Sesame (Now Jean's is cased so check out her post for the original credit!) Once again check out Jean's blog too!! I love it. Thanks to Karen and Jean for your wonderful inspriation! My Zoe will be an original Caroline I promise!!


  1. These are great! I will be casing these for sure for my little boy's next birthday card! he had a Cookie Monster birthday cake this year.


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