Saturday, August 16, 2008

Look at ME!! I'm Standing!!

And isn't she soooooo good at it!! (Ultra proud Aunty here!) Aparently she can get herself up there and stand, but the dismount is still a bit out of reach! She hasn't quite figured that bit out yet. Just thought I'd share this pic that Jenni sent me (Cropped out ya clutter Jenni!! haha). I am spring cleaning so no cards this weekend!! ~sob~

We've been up to our ears in Spring Cleaning this afternoon and assignments on Great Britain and Russia!! I am learning that Jayden (Yr 5) and Owen (Yr 4) are both very good at doing their research online and that they have both become very savvy on their Macbooks! Jayden is presenting his assignment as a Movie and Owen has done a Slideshow. Well done to both of them!!

Will hopefully post some cards during the week! Till then! Cheers!


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