Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Remember those songs you used to sing at school assemblies? Depending on your age, do you remember those Sing! Sing! Sing! Books (hope I am not looking ancient here!! lol). Well for some reason I have those songs swimming around in my head!! The Pushbike Song, Ob-la-di Ob-la-da (or Desmond had a trolley...) anyway I think it is the Ad on tv at the moment with Catch a Falling Star and the little boy is collectiing the moments in the jars. Well this has brough back a lovely memory of school where I changed the words to the song The Marvellous Toy (playing on my playlist) I loved the song and I changed the words to suit my Horsey Head Trike for a project in English. I remember I did a really good job, and I know I kept it, but somewhere along the way I have lost it - sadness! So my point of this post! To all you scrapbookers, bloggers etc, it is not only the photos and the moments you want to preserve, it is also those wonderful school projects that don't seem important at the time (when you are sorting through the hoards of paper that come home at the end of the school year) I wish I still had the project so I could share it with my boys when these memories surface. Instead I have found the song online and found a picture of the trike and have retold the memory. Owen loved the song and bopped to it!! I sang along and Jayden told me to keep the noise down as he is trying to watch The Wizard of Oz!! (Oh well can't please them all!! lol) And yes that is me at the tender age of about 4 or 5 I think!
Back with some cards soon.


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