Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Definition of TORTURE!!!

torture n., v., 1. the act of inflicting excrutiating pain, especially after resigning yourself to the fact that your Stampin' Up! order had not arrived Friday and therefore would sit outside your front door till you arrive home from work on Monday, only to find it on your doorstep 9.30am Saturday morning, but receive a stern "No!" from the husband as you have a Birthday Party to get ready for with children arriving at 12 noon!!
My ribbons are in that box!!!! My Birthday Present is in that box!!! (which even more torture is to be inflicted as my birthday is still two weeks away!!) and I am not allowed to open it till we get home from the movies and the 8 little munchikins have been collected at 5pm!! "Oh the pain"
Sad till 6


  1. You are just like me I think! I am always DYING to open my presents and my hubby makes me wait every time. (Except this time of course! He he he) I am so impatient with presents!

  2. Torture!!!! I hope that box still isn't sitting there like that... now I'm feeling your torture!!! hahahah



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