Friday, July 4, 2008

"A Change is as Good as a Holiday"

Well that's what they say!! and seeing we are not going away on these July School Holidays I thought I'd change my surroundings a bit!!
I am currently updating my Blog List. If I see someone's blog link on a post I will generally bookmark it and check in every now and then or subscribe to the RSS Feed. If you are not on the list, I may have not come across you yet - or I haven't updated yet, so send me an email with a link and I will come have a look see!! I love checking out everyones work!! Love it!! I am really bad actually!! My morning routine is
  1. Get Up
  2. Turn on the computer
  3. Check Email
  4. Check RSS Feeds
  5. Do my Email Cash Clicks
  6. Check Demonstrator Website
  7. Have my Coffee!!! (Hubby's routine is - MAKE COFFEE!!!)
  8. Wake Up!! then light fire under the boys!!

An extremely bad habit I know, I should add one more - Do Wii Fit!!

Anyways, hopefully I will get some creativity flowing over the holidays, maybe start on some Christmas cards. I need to get off the paper tole and start some stamping!! I was hoping a lovely parcel would arrive on my doorstep today, but alas, no!! :-(

Happy School Holidays to everyone!! And Happy Stamping!!



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