Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Beautiful Card from a Beautiful Friend

WOW Isn't this gorgeous??!! After a rather glum and gloomy start to my birthday (I am tired and run down after having a monster headache yesterday). My friend tracey popped around this afternoon with this masterpiece!! How cute are those little bunnies!! and I love the layout. Then when you open it up there is this cute and rather true little poem inside! I will share....

Dear Caroline
Crafts are here, crafts are there. Her craft supplies are everywhere.
She really should clean her mess, But I like it, I confess.
Floor is littered, chairs are piled, kitchens' looking pretty wild,
on the table, counter too, seems that any place will do!
Table is stacked with cartons high, filled with things folks like to buy.
Bedroom is full, but there's still room to sleep.
Her family smiles, they don't complain, although at times crafting can be a pain.
But when is all said and done, Caroline really is a crafty one!

So cool!! Don't you think. My hubby and boys got me some Stampin Up! goodies. I now have Boatloads of Love, Think Happy Thoughts, Fast and Fun Notes, Corner Rounder Punch and the Colour Caddy Extender!! YAY I can now do yummy little scallops. Tomorrow I will (hopefully) have a play with those.

So till next time Seeya!!


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